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Welcome to the southern tip of Africa, here, two great oceans meet warm weather last most of the year and big game roams just beyond the city lights.

This is where humanity began: our ancestor's traces are still evident in fossilized footprints 80 000 years old and in the world's oldest rock paintings.

Today, South Africa is the powerhouse of Africa, the most advanced, broad based economy on the continent, with infrastructure to match any first-world country.

About two-thirds of Africa's electricity is generated here. Around 40% percent of the continent's phones are here. Over half the world's platinum and 10% of its gold is mined here, and almost everyone who visits is astonished at how far a dollar, euro or pound will stretch. Welcome to the Republic of South Africa.

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Cape Town

Clear sky
    Clear sky
    Temperature: 17 °C
    Wind: Northwest, 7.4 km/h
    Reported on:
    Tue, 03/19/2019 - 05:00
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